Understanding performance of Instagram profiles allows any brand to better understand how their specific Instagram profiles are performing: which photos are working, how effectively is brand engaging on Instagram, what are the follower demographics among many other metrics. This however leaves out reporting on activity related to locations that may be of interest to your brand. This activity happens when users tag your location when uploading media.

We are excited to offer you a way of tracking any location out there as part of your Social Report dashboard. Here is how it works

1. Connect any Instagram location you wish

Just the same way you can connect your Instagram profiles, you can now simply connect locations. For example to connect Madison Square Garden - you would simply enter its web address: https://www.instagram.com/explore/locations/2082352/the-garden

Connect Instagram

2. Browse analytics and download reports

Insightful reporting is focused on media upload trends, demographic analysis Reportand influence. Users can also quickly compare performance of various locations, export results to Excel and generate awesome PDF reports.

3. Quickly engage with users tagging locations from your inbox

Interact with users tagging locations you are tracking. Like their media uploads, follow them, leave comments and more.

Quickly Engage From Your Inbox

4. Automate user outreach

Automatically engage with users that tag your locations by automatically following and liking media that they have uploaded

Automate User Outreach

5. Learn more

We've put together this short video to show you how this works within Social Report