There a number of features that are available to our users as part of our white labeling process.

Here is a detailed overview: 

1. To get started, navigate to My Account > White Label. (If you do not see "White Label" option this probably means that your subscription does not include it. Simply click on "My Account > Change Subscriptions" to upgrade to Pro and Advanced plans. )

White label social report

2. As you will find there are a number of configuration options:

  • Sign up link (Optional) - this is where you would like the user to go to Sign Up for your service. This link is available on the login screen.
  • Logout URL (Optional) - once the user logs out - this is where we will take the user. By default, the user will simply be returned to the login page. Only specify a location if you need to send the user elsewhere upon logout.
  • Logo link - (Optional) this is the link that is attached to your logo (in case the user decides to click on it)
  • Login URL - (Optional) If you are using a custom login page, specify it here so that we can send the user back to this page when needed. If not specified standard login page will be used.
  • Support link - (Optional) If the user has any questions, this is where they will be taken. If you don't have a specific page, you can insert a link to your email address:
  • FAQ link - The link to a page with frequently asked questions. If you don't have a specific page you can put a link to your email address:
  • Show Ask Us Button - ZenDesk "ask us" button on the right-hand side of your screen - this gives you the ability to show/hide it.
  • Show News and Help - Should your users see Social Report news and feature alerts upon login?
  • Hide User Profile - You may wish to hide user's profiles (My Account) for your users. This is useful if you are integrating with Social Report also, when the user profiles are managed by your system instead.
  • Hide Support Link - Gives you the ability to hide links to support.
  • Hide Notifications - Disable ability by the user to opt-in/out from notifications.
  • Hide Inaccessible Features - In some cases, you may want to completely hide features that you did not give users access to. If left unchecked, the user will be shown features and be offered to upgrade. 
    • Domain - this is your white label domain. It can be anything you like. Just make sure it points (A record) to our IP address:
    • Display name - this is used throughout the system - it replaces the term "Social Report". It will be in the title of the page, any email notifications that are sent, etc, etc.
    • Logo - this is where you would need to upload your logo. Do note that dimensions of the logo have to be exact.
    • Favicon - upload a customized favicon. Favicon is a small graphic that is displayed in the browser tab. You can create one using Favicon Generator
    • Custom CSS - upload your own CSS file. This gives you an option to fully customize your dashboard's colors
    • Custom JS - upload your own JavaScript file. This gives you the ability to customize the dashboard further introducing and removing functionality.
    • Links 
    • Email address - Used for all outbound communication. This is what your users will see when they receive emails. 
    • Language - Default dashboard language for all of your users. English will be used if left blank.
    • Show/Hide
  • IMPORTANT: Whenever you make a change - make sure to log out and log back in to see the changes take effect. Restarting the browser is also important.

Common issues:

  • I've setup my domain but it redirects to an IP address: most likely you have setup a CNAME on your domain name instead of an A record.
  • My logo does not show up: check if your domain name matches what you have entered in the white label settings.