The best Instagram scheduling tools of 2019

Instagram has become an important part of every digital marketing plan. It's proven itself as a valuable social network for nearly all industries, giving companies more reach and a higher return on investment when compared to other social networks.

In other words: your brand must be on Instagram in 2019. And with that, you'll need a great social media management tool that supports scheduling photos to Instagram and other social networks.

And in this article, we'll show you the best Instagram scheduling tools for 2019.

We focused on tools that support direct scheduling to Instagram (because who wants to use the smartphone workaround still), and highlighted their pricing and special features. Use the info in this article to find the Instagram scheduling tool best fit for your brand in 2019.

Let's jump in!

Social Report — excellent Instagram publishing and analytics

Social Report is a great scheduling and reporting tool for Instagram

Picking ourselves first? We know, seems cheesy.

But the truth is, we've reviewed all the other tools you'll find below and we're beyond confident that Social Report has the best Instagram scheduling, reporting, and monitoring features.

On the publishing side, you can upload, edit, and even find new images on Social Report. When your image is ready to go, simply schedule the post on the dashboard—no smartphone workaround required.

Even cooler? We're the only social media management app that supports direct video scheduling to Instagram. Just upload your video, add it to a post, and you're all set.

We even have the ability to automatically comment on newly posted photos, save hashtag templates, and tag locations on Instagram posts.

Instagram reporting in Social Report

Social Report's reporting tools also let you track various aspects of your Instagram growth.

Some of our unique reports include:

  • Overall engagement timeline
  • Audience breakdown
  • Engagement distribution by content type
  • And more!

When it's time to present results to your bosses, clients, or stakeholders, simply export a presentation-ready PDF report in the export menu.

Social Report's Social Inbox makes it easy to keep up with new comments and messages

Finally, our intuitive Smart Social Inbox feature keeps you up to date with messages and comments on all of your Instagram accounts. Just click on a comment and you can quickly reply to it without leaving the dashboard.

Social Report is truly a one-stop-shop for Instagram management.

Starts at $50 per month; $25 for nonprofitsfor 25 accounts. Try Social Report free for 30 days.


Buffer — Instagram support for the digital nomad

Buffer has good Instagram support

Buffer is one of the the most well-known social media management apps on the market. The app has basic Instagram integration that lets you edit, schedule, and post images directly to Instagram to its dashboard. It has reporting tools too, but they're limited.

Free for up to 3 social media profiles and 10 scheduled posts

Tailwind — specialized Instagram support

Tailwind is an Instagram focused tool

Tailwind is a specialized social media management app that supports Pinterest and Instagram. The app offers advanced analytics features for the two social networks, and lets you directly post single images to Instagram. Some of its Instagram posting features are great too: you can find optimal times to post and more.

Starts at $9.99 per social profile

Later — make a shoppable Instagram feed

Use Later for your Instagram scheduling

Later takes a visual approach to Instagram scheduling. Just drag and drop your content onto the app's content calendar and your post will be published at its given time. The app also integrates with so you can make a shoppable Instagram feed in minutes.

Free for one social profile per network

Bettr — an Instagram scheduling tool for influencers

Bettr is an Instagram tool for influencers

Bettr is an invite-only Instagram management tool made for influencers. Some of its influencer-focused features include the ability to save groups of hashtags, automatically post comments on newly uploaded photos, and a nice visual content calendar.

Pricing: invite only

SproutSocial — a quite pricey, corporate Instagram tool

Sprout Social lets you schedule Instagram posts

Sprout Social is an enterprise solution for Instagram management. You can use it to post and schedule content quickly across social networks, so your Instagram photos will be shown to a larger audience. The app has reporting tools too, but has a price-tag that puts it out of reach for many small agencies and freelancers.

Starts at $99 per month per user

ViralTag — increase the reach of your Instagram posts

ViralTag lets you make images on the fly

Use ViralTag to easily create and publish Instagram content. The tool integrates with Canva, one of our favorite image editing apps. Use Canva to edit photos, make engaging banner images, and even find free stock photos. Once your image is complete, you can schedule it directly to Instagram (and other social networks) from the ViralTag dashboard.

Starts at $24 per month for 10 social accounts and one user

ScheduGram — post Instagram videos from the web

Schendugram posts your Instagram content manually

ScheduGram gets around Instagram's API limitations by posting content for you. Literally.

Schedule your posts on its web app and someone in the ScheduGram office will manually post it for you using a real smartphone. This means that you can schedule videos, multi-image posts, and more directly from the ScheduGram dashboard.

Starts at $20 per Instagram account; pricing increases as you gain more followers

Combin — a desktop tool for Instagram tracking

Use Combin to build your Instagram calendar

Combin is unique in that it's a desktop app (Mac, Windows, Ubuntu) for Instagram management. You can perform searches, track hashtags, and follow/unfollow other users. However, Combin lacks any sort of reporting abilities or the ability to post new content to Instagram.

Free for 15 accounts

Hootsuite — basic Instagram support without robust features

HootSuite offers Instagram posting and reporting tools

HootSuite is a household name in the social media management world, and it recently added support for Instagram. Using the app, you can make minor image edits using its editor and post to Instagram directly from its dashboard. Basic reporting tools are included too, but don't provide in-depth info.

Starts at $29 per month for 10 profiles

Keep on posting!

And there you have it: the 10 best Instagram scheduling tools for 2019.

Use these apps to make prettier Instagram photos, more immersive Stories, and ultimately speed up your Instagram posting and reporting process.

Let us know what Instagram scheduling tool you use by posting to our Facebook Group.

Need an amazing Instagram scheduling tool right now? Try Social Report free for 30 days.

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