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Here at Social Report, we're beyond proud of our positive reviews and dedicated user base. 

When we originally built Social Report, we had to ask ourselves, "What can we create and offer that will be totally unique for our users + ensure they are the happiest social media management customers on the planet?"

After all, there are a TON of social media management tools on the market these days—each offering varying features and quality of service.

But the answer to our launch question was really quite simple (or at least, sounded simple at the time).

We said to each other, "Let's make 100% certain that Social Report offers every single feature a social media manager, agency, and enterprise could possibly need." Yup, #every #single #feature imaginable, and for every size of business managing social media.

Insane? Probably. But after years of developing the app—and a rocket-fueled growth over the last 12 months—we believe we've come face to face and met our goal.

What we know on this day (yes, today) is that we are THE only social media management app to offer a dashboard with every single feature social media managers needat an unrivaled price, with ridiculously awesome 24/7 customer support.

But instead of us shouting from the rafters about the whole thing, how about we let our customers weigh in with their opinions? After all, they're the ones using it each day and sending us the awesome feedback.

Just below, you'll find eight Social Report G2 Crowd reviews that we believe highlight why tens of thousands of users are falling in love with Social Report, day-in and day-out. We think you're going to like what you hear.

Without further ado, let's dive in!

"Finally a social media management software that works and has great analytics!" – Tamara O., CEO at Shark Branding Solutions

Social Report Analytics 

Our reporting and analytics tools are—hands down—the most advanced on the market.

With Social Report, you can track all aspects of your social media growth across all of your social networks. We offer in-depth analytics for every social network we support, including often-overlooked social networks like TripAdvisor and Meetup.

Some of our reports include:

  • Post-by-post performance
  • Engagement and conversions distribution by type
  • Facebook ads performance
  • Organics vs. paid reach on Facebook
  • And much, much more!

"Customer Support is beyond amazing." – Tricia M., Digital Marketing Manager at Financial Accounting Foundation

The Social Report team

Need help with Social Report? No worries: our teams is here for you 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

At Social Report, you have unlimited access to our support team via phone, email, Skype, and social media.

We're proud to offer 24/7 live support and training—especially in an industry where other tools outsource customer support to foreign third-parties, or only have support during U.S. business hours.

"Simple, intuitive and efficient." – Sachi L., Marketing Director at ABLE International

Social Report is split up by project, and each one of these projects has a different set of connected social networks, content calendars, and evergreen content libraries.

We've found that these self-contained projects are the easiest and safest way to organize client brands. Just think—you'll never accidentally schedule content to the wrong client's account again.

"I love the way that content is classified and the evergreen repository makes it so easy to auto-schedule messages." –  Tegan S., Content Producer at Simplilearn

Evergreen Posting with Social Report

You don't need to post everything manually when you use Social Report. Just use our Content Syndication and Evergreen Content features.

With Content Syndication, you can automatically post content from RSS feeds, and Evergreen Content will automatically repurpose your old content for maximum reach. Use these features in-tandem to automatically fill your posting schedule with awesome content.

On top of content syndication, we have an awesome bulk scheduling tool too. Just make an Excel sheet of your status updates and upload them to the dashboard—our system will handle the rest.

"I love the white-labeled, comprehensive reports I can present to clients" – Courtney M., Social Media Manager


Social Report is one of the only social media management apps to offer a full white label experience at no extra charge.

With our Pro Plan, you can customize the look and feel of your Social Report dashboard with logos and CSS, or even add your company's single-sign-on (SSO) right to Social Report.

When using white labeling, we'll brand your reports with your company's logos, too. No more opening InDesign to create a custom cover page. Nice, right? We thought you might like that.

"Coolest thing since sliced bread" – Monique B., Chief Marketing Officer at Adams Vanderburg Ltd.

Social Report Homepage

At Social Report, we offer support for all social networks and even some web services—including many that are integral to small businesses (yet overlooked by other apps).

For example, with Social Report you can manage Yelp, Google My Business, Shopify, and more.

Check out our entire list of supported integrations and networks for even more info.  

"Social media monitoring can be hard when you have to use multiple platforms to analyze every channel. Social Report makes it easy. One stop shop." – Erin R., Social Media Director at Webvega

Social Repor tSocial Media Monitoring 

Using our Search Agents feature, users are able to easily run ongoing searches for keywords related to you or your client's brand.

All you need to do is simply set up search agents for industry terms, your brand's name, or other important keywords—allowing you to monitor discussions about your brand, find awesome influencers, and stay on top of new and emerging industry trends.

"Best deal out there!" – Sierra L., Social Media Marketing Manager at 15th Street Media

App Small agency (annual)  Medium agency (annual)  Large Agency (annual)
Social Report $588 per year $1,188 per year $2,388 per year
Sprout Social  $5,940 per year $17,880 per year $71,700 per year
Buffer $1,188 per year $2,388 per year $4,788 per year
Agorapulse $1,416 per year $11,160 per year $24,420 per year
MeetEdgar $600 per year n/a n/a
HootSuite $1,188 per year $5,988 per year Call (big bucks)

At Social Report, we're proud to bring you the most features for the lowest price.

Earlier this year, we compared the annual cost of all the major social media apps for small, medium, and large sized agencies.

As you'll see in some of these comparisons, users can save over $20,000 per year, just by choosing to roll with Social Report!

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