These are the marketing podcasts you should listen to in 2019

It's no secret that we're huge podcast fans at Social Report.

And why wouldn't we be? They're awesome ways to brush up on your marketing skills direct from top professionals in the field.

So in this edition of the Social Report blog, we're going to show you 12 social media marketing podcasts you need to subscribe to in 2019.

We've handpicked the best of the best, and are only showing you podcasts directly related to social media marketing—not general digital marketing.

Listen to these podcasts in the New Year to brush up on your social media marketing chops—we promise you'll love 'em.

Let's check them out!

Casual Fridays

Casual Friday is an awesome social media podcast 

The Casual Fridays Podcast is an interview-style podcast hosted by Tyler Anderson, the CEO of the Casual Fridays agency. On the show, he discusses his personal experiences in social media marketing, and gives you actionable tips and tricks for your own work.

We're a huge fan of this format because it lets you see into Anderson's mind. His expertise really comes across, so you can be sure you're getting great content and opinions.

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Savvy Social Podcast

 Savvy Social Podcast is made by one of our top marketers to follow!

The Savvy Social Podcast is hosted by Andréa Jones, one of our top marketers to follow in 2019! Each of her short-and-sweet weekly podcasts cover a different social media marketing tactic. This keeps things fresh, and makes it easy to find new ways to market your products.

We're a huge fan of her recent episode on relationship marketing—give it a listen today!

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Social Media Marketing Podcast with Michael Stelzner

Social Media Examiner's Podcast comes right from the source 

Mike Selzner is the founder and editor-in-chief at Social Media Examiner, one of the biggest social media blogs on the 'net. Each of the weekly sessions is hosted by Selzner and a guest co-host, and you're taken through 45 minutes of insights, interviews, and new marketing methods.

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Social Media Marketing Talk Show

 Social Media Talk Show is a great resource

Further, Social Media Examiner has a second podcast dubbed the Social Media Marketing Talk Show. Unlike Selzner's personal podcast, the Talk Show is hosted by a different panel of Social Media marketers each week. This gives the show an awesome informal feel, and gives you tons of diverse insights.

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Social Zoom Factor

 Social Zoom is a great social podcast

Social Zoom Factor is a podcast run by social media guru Pam Moore. Geared towards business leaders, the podcast discusses different ways businesses can improve their in-house social content.

Moore focuses on giving listeners actionable marketing strategies in every episode—and she definitely succeeds. Some recent episodes discuss the importance of writing great social content, how to create a social and content calendar, and even different ways to use Facebook Live.

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Social Pros Podcast

SocialPros podcast is one of the best social media marketing podcasts on the web

The Social Pros podcast focuses on taking you behind the scenes at companies like Ford, IBM, ESPN and other major companies. Hosts Jay Baer and Adam Brown dive deep into these brands' social presences, showing you how to emulate their successes.

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Maximize Your Social


Neal Schaffer—another one of our top marketers—has hosted his Maximize Your Social podcast since 2013. He discusses different ways small and large businesses can use social media to improve all aspects of their businesses.

Even cooler, all of his podcasts are transcribed into blog posts on his website. So if you forget your headphones on your Subway commute, give it a read instead!

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Social Marketing Academy

Social Marketing Academy makes it easy to find marketing info 

As you'd expect, Social Marketing Academy is a social media marketing podcast that focuses on teaching you new marketing skills. We like how Social Marketing Academy has lots of episodes that focus on base-level marketing topics, so it's a great resource for those just entering the field.

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Social Media Pubcast

 Social Media Pubcast is an awesome informal podcast

Are other social media marketing podcasts too formal for you? Check out the Social Media Pubcast by Jon Loomer.

In each episode, Loomer sits down with an industry expert and discusses social trends and marketing strategies over a beer. The podcast takes a super informal approach to marketing, and sometimes steps outside of the social media realm and into more general marketing tactics.

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Good Social Media Podcast

Good Social Media podcast discusses marketing and real life social media use 

The Good Social Media Podcast has a different take on social media marketing podcasts. Todd Austin—the show's host—discusses growth hacks and marketing tips, and frequently dives deep into statistics around using social media.

For example, check out his recent episode about using social media on vacation. Austin and his guest discuss how people use social media on vacation, but also discuss how social media professionals can disconnect.

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Manly Pinterest Tips

 Manly Pinterest Tips is awesome for Pinterest marketers

Manly Pinterest Tips is a Pinterest and Instagram focused podcast by Jess Seih. He has a humorous take on Pinterest marketing, and is constantly sharing amazing insights on the networks. He's even hosted many awesome marketers like Rebekah Radice and Guy Kawasaki.

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The Marketing Book Podcast

Learn about social media marketing on this podcast

The Marketing Book Podcast just hit its 200th episode and is still going strong. Each week, the podcast brings on a different guest co-host on to discuss their experiences in the social media and digital marketing space.

This is awesome because it gives you new perspectives weekly, so you're learning incredible new concepts from people you otherwise wouldn't have known about. Recently one of our top marketers—Rand Fishkin—was hosted, so check out his insights!

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That's a wrap!

Those are our top 12 social media marketing podcasts for 2019. In the comments, let us know what social media marketing podcasts you listen to. We're excited to check 'em out!

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