Look, there's no doubt that being a successful social media manager can a tough (and time-consuming) job.

Not only are you expected to actually create the content for all of the social media accounts you manage, but you also have to find time to schedule posts, track your growth, monitor new messages and report on this to your clients/bosses on a regular basis.

That's a boatload of things to do (and do successfully, for that matter).

So what if we told you that there's an easier way to manage these day-to-day social media tasks? We'd be lying, right?!

Well, thankfully for you, we're not.

Here at Social Report, we're a team made of up ex-agency folks, marketers, developers, and support staff that have one goal in mind: to build a social media management app that truly makes life easier for social media managers like you.

To do this, we created the Social Report platform—which includes all the features that all social media manager could possibly needat a great price, and with 24/7 customer support to assist when something goes wrong.

And judging by the feedback we've received from thousands of social media managers, agencies, and even enterprises, we've done a pretty good job.

Of course, you don't have to take our word for it—just listen to what our customers are saying.

Below, we've put together a list of the seven most popular things that social media managers love about using Social Report.

Just so you know, we've curated this list from the feedback we've received while running product demos and training sessions, on reviews on premier software review sites, and emails we've received from happy clients.

Let's dive in!

1) 24/7 live support with a real-life human being


At Social Report, we run a 24/7 global support team. Regardless of when you start a support chat on our website, send us an email, or call our support phone line, you'll always be connected with a real-life human being.

Wait, what!?

Yep, we're not in the business of employing robots or off-shoring customer support to foreign third-parties. Instead, we connect you with real people that live and breathe social media management and know the Social Report platform inside-and-out.

So give us a ring any time—we're excited to lend you a hand whenever you need it.

2) A full-suite of Instagram scheduling, reporting, and monitoring tools

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There's no doubt that Instagram is the place to be for social media managers and their brands right now. With that in mind, we've done everything we can to make the Instagram posting experience as intuitive and smartphone-free as possible. Here's how...

First, we're a part of the Instagram Marketing Partner Program. This lets us add amazing new features like direct Instagram scheduling for both photo and video posts, post previews that let you see your new Instagram posts in-feed and on your grid, and the ability to tag locations on new posts.

But we go beyond just Instagram scheduling. Our in-depth reporting tools let you accurately track your Instagram growth and engagement, and our Smart Social Inbox lets you keep up on new comments so you can engage with your audience without picking up and thumbing through a smartphone (which we know can get crazy distracting throughout the day).

Trust us, once you've managed Instagram with Social Report, you won't know how you ever lived without it. Just ask any of our users 😉

3) Amazing collaboration features for your employees and clients

You can create individual user accounts in Social Report

Work with a team? No worries—with Social Report, you can give each of your team members their own Social Report login at no extra charge. 

You can even set unique permissions for each account. For example, you can limit the user's publishing abilities, restrict access to project controls, and make approval-only accounts for your clients.

So, if you're worried about adding that new intern or new team members to the system to help you take care of tasks like reporting and content creation—fear not, it won't cost you a thing and you can manage which features they can and can't access.

4) Full white-labeling features for agencies and enterprises


We're proud to be one of the only social media management tools to offer full white labeling features.

With our Pro Plan, which gives you full access to white label features, you'll be able to you host Social Report under a custom domain, change brand logos, and even add custom CSS and JavaScript code to your dashboard.

This makes you look super professional in front of your clients—especially if they're logging into Social Report to approve and review new social media content before it's published.

5) In-depth reporting for all major social networks (and a ton of other marketing tools)

Social Report has amazing reporting tools

Reporting is in our name, so naturally, we offer some of the best social media reporting tools on the market.

We offer in-depth reporting tools for all major (and not-so-major) social networks, marketing tools, and review sites. In fact, we support more social media and marketing platforms than any of our competitors.

Seriously, think about it: when was the last time you saw a social media management tool with Yelp, Reddit, Mail Chimp, and Google Analytics reporting built-in?!

You can even export these reports side-by-side to presentation-ready PDF reports, so can effortlessly give clients and stakeholders a beautiful look at your results.

6) Automated content reposting with evergreen content

Social Report makes reposting evergreen content easy

There's no doubt that you and your team produce awesome content. So, why not get more value from your blog posts, videos, and infographics by rescheduling them with our industry-leading Evergreen Content feature?

Just mark a post as evergreen in Social Report—and when there's a blank spot in your posting schedule—we'll automatically pick a piece of evergreen content from your evergreen content library and re-share it with your audience.

This speeds up your posting, reposts your best content, and ensures that you're always giving your audience amazing content to enjoy. Give it a shot—you'll wonder how you ever lived without it.

7) The most competitive pricing in the industry

  Social Report Buffer Sprout Social Agorapulse MeetEdgar Hootsuite
Pricing Model Per brand Per user and connected social accounts  Per user and connected social accounts Per user and connected social accounts Per user and connected social accounts Per user and connected social accounts
Monthly Cost for Small Agency $49 $99 $495 $199 $49 $99
Monthly Cost for Medium Agency $99 $199 $1,490 $580  n/a $499
Monthly Cost for Large Agency $199 $399 $5,975 $1,316 n/a Call
Scheduling Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Analytics Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes
Multiple Accounts Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Obscure Social Networks Yes No No No No Yes
Social Listening Yes No Yes Yes No Yes
Social Inbox Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes

Don't worry, just because we offer industry-leading support and features doesn't mean Social Report costs an arm and a leg.

In fact, we pride ourselves on offering the most competitive pricing in the industry. Our plans average just $10 per month per client, giving you room to grow without sacrificing must-have features or breaking the bank.

But we'll let the numbers speak for themselves. Check out the graph above for a feature-to-price comparison for Social Report and our competitors. We think you'll be presently surprised by what you see 😏

Bottom line

While successfully managing multiple social media accounts will never be an easy gig, we're 100% confident that the tool we've built in Social Report can save you massive amounts of time as well as help you provide stronger results for your clients.

So, ready to see what all the hype's about?

What are you waiting for? Try Social Report and all of its amazing features for free for an entire month!

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