Here's a look at LinkedIn's game-changing new live video service.

After months of anticipation, LinkedIn finally announced a game-changing new live video platform: LinkedIn Live.

This new live streaming platform finally brings live streaming to the professional market. And while LinkedIn may be late to the game—Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook have had streaming for years—LinkedIn is working to make sure that its live streaming is hardened and specially curated to a professional audience.

Sounds great, right?

It is, and we strongly believe LinkedIn Live has a shot at changing live video for professionals. So in this article, we'll run through its various features, answer some FAQs, and take a look at how the LinkedIn influencer community is responding to the announcement.

Sound good with you? Let's get started!


Here's the lowdown

LinkedIn Live in action on an iPhone

LinkedIn expects its new live video platform to be used for live streaming conference calls, trade-show keynotes, product announcements and other things usually reserved for webinars and conference calls.

Because of this, LinkedIn will allow LinkedIn Live users to stream to the general public or a selected group of people.

This means that you'll soon be able to host company-exclusive and other private events on LinkedIn Live without worrying about outside eyes watching in—something we haven't seen on other video platforms.

Lag will (hopefully) be a thing of the past

Another interesting about LinkedIn Live is how it's built.

LinkedIn partnered with a number of video-focused companies including Wirecast, Switcher Studio, Wowza Media Systems, Socialive, and Brandlive to build the best possible live streaming experience.

Using tech from these brands gives LinkedIn the best shot at becoming the place for corporate live video streams and webinars. After all, with all the engineering talent going into this feature, we hope to see LinkedIn Live tackle lag and other issues faced by video streaming apps.

Audience engagement is key

Like Facebook Live, audience members can comment on LinkedIn Live videos in real-time. The host of a live video feed can delegate moderators too, making it easy to keep conversations clean and on-track.

This is great—how do I use it?

We hate the be the bearer of bad news but... LinkedIn Live will start out in an invite-only beta stage.

But don't fret:LinkedIn will open an application form to the public later this week that lets anyone apply to use LinkedIn Live.

However, it's unclear if the general public will be able to stream video without applying in the future or if it will always be restricted to big brands and influencers.

First opinions of the platform are strong

At Social Report, we're super excited about the launch of LinkedIn Live.

It seems like just yesterday that LinkedIn launched its native video sharing platform to much fanfare. And despite it being late to the game, the network's high-quality video platform attracted the site's top influencer talent to make content.

This means that LinkedIn video is extremely high-quality. This is large part due to the network's focus on professionalism and knowledge sharing—and we're confident that LinkedIn can foster the same environment with LinkedIn Live.

But don't just take our word for it—listen to the influencers. Here's some top LinkedIn influencer's thoughts on the LinkedIn Live platform and how it will shape live video in 2019.

"it'll bring some rawness to the platform" — Alex Pirouz

Alex Pirouz—founder of—is particularly excited about LinkedIn Live.

In his video discussing the platform, he noted that LinkedIn Live will bring some "rawness" to the LinkedIn space. After all, since you can't edit a live video, people get a look at the real you.

The "rawness" described by Pirouz is important in today's social media age too. Millennials on crave authenticity on social media, so LinkedIn Live is one way that brands and influencers can provide that to their LinkedIn audience.

Keep it short and sweet — Brian Fanzo

Live video enthusiast and keynote speaker Brian Fanzo voiced his love—and concern—for LinkedIn Live in a recent video.

He's excited about the new platform, but thinks that LinkedIn Live videos should stay short-and-sweet so that brands influencers can engage their audiences in a mobile-first world.

Like Pirouz, Fanzo also praises the authenticity that live video brings to the table.

He believes that LinkedIn users should embrace the fact that perfection is a "fairytale" and use LinkedIn Live to bring brands and consumers eye-to-eye.

Live video will change how we use LinkedIn — Peplina Trip

Social media video influencer Pelpina Trip believes that LinkedIn Live will fundamentally change what we post to LinkedIn.

Trip believes that we'll start to see live video series, live-streamed corporate events, and other types of content that's impossible without a live streaming platform. She even hinted at starting a Q&A series of her own!

Bottom line

LinkedIn Live will undoubtedly change the live video space for brands and influencers in the professional space.

We think that the platform will push webinars, investor calls, and other types of public meetings to be live-streamed in front of a professional audience. So yeah, we're pretty excited for it to be launched!

But now we want to hear from you. What do you think about LinkedIn Live? Will it change how you market on LinkedIn? Let us know in the comments below!

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