Here's how to make the perfect Instagram bio

Unlike Facebook and other social networks, Instagram gives us marketers very little room to actually promote the brands we manage and work with—even in the bio.

For example, there’s no cover photo, an about page, or other areas for you to give your followers information on your business. Oh, and to make matters worse, you can’t add links to your posts either 😞

This means that a perfectly crafted Instagram bio is essential to Instagram marketing. After all, it’s the only place where brands can discuss what they do and place a link to their website, so it needs to be polished in order for Instagram marketers to actually drive sales.

So, are you a marketer looking to make a top-notch Instagram bio for a client? Well, look no further, because in this article, we’ll show you how to craft the perfect Instagram bio for your business. Then, we’ll dive deep and show you four awesome examples of well-made, highly-converting Instagram bios from some of our favorite brands.

Let’s jump in!

Crafting the perfect Instagram bio

A successful Instagram bio should showcase your business’ personality, discuss how a customer can find your products, and include some sort of call-to-action that encourages customers to take action after reading your bio.

Thankfully, Instagram has added some key features to Instagram that makes it easier to stuff all of this into a single bio box. This includes things like:


  • Written bio
  • Profile photo
  • Bio link
  • Instagram story highlights
  • Call-to-action buttons

You need to use all of these features in-tandem for the perfect Instagram bio, so we’ve run through how to make the most of each of these features below. Let’s take a look.

First thing’s first: write a great bio

You need a great written Instagram bio

You have 150 characters to work with when writing an Instagram bio, so put them to work by writing a catchy and concise tagline that tells a story and truly shows what your company is all about.

Some brands simply put their brand’s mission statement in their Instagram bio, while others list out information like their business’ hours of operation. Some of our favorite Instagram bios are decked out with branded hashtags and emoji too, making them just a bit more fun and approachable.

No matter what you do though, focus on keeping your bio as short as possible. This will keep users engaged, and ensures that your bio is readable on all mobile devices.

Need inspiration for your written bio? Don’t worry—at the end of the article, we’ll show you our favorite Instagram bios. But before we do that, let’s take a look at the other things you need for a complete Instagram bio.

Make sure your profile photo is top-notch

Make sure your profile photo is recognizable

Step two in creating a first impression is easy: upload a profile picture

We recommend using your business’ logo for your profile picture. Doing this will make your Instagram profile easily recognizable, and you’ll build brand recognition with people that are just finding out about your brand through Instagram.

You can even switch things up by creating custom Instagram profile pics for holidays, sporting events, or anything else you can relate to pop culture. Think things like National Donut Day, National Coffee Day, or the FIFA World Cup.

Making the most of your single Instagram bio link

Use Linktree to make the most of your Instagram bio link
Image source: Linktree

Perhaps the most important part of your Instagram bio is the single link you can place right below your written bio. Like mentioned earlier, this is the only link you get on Instagram, so use this space wisely and make the most of it.

Obviously, one of the most straightforward ways to use your link is by simply linking out to your brand’s website, blog, or other landing page. This will drive some traffic to your site and give your Instagram followers an easy way to find out more about your brand.

However, there are some drawbacks to simply linking out to your website. For one, having a single link to your site makes it impossible to promote specific campaigns or link a new Instagram post to a specific blog post or product page.

Because of this, many Instagram marketers use the “link in bio” strategy to promote content. In short, this is when you create a new Instagram post that promotes a specific blog post or product on your website, and then add a link to said product in your Instagram bio.

Then, in the Instagram post’s caption, the author will usually write something along the lines of “link in bio” to notify followers that they can find out more about said post in their bio link.

There is one major issue with this strategy though: you need to change the link every time you create a new Instagram post. This wastes your valuable time, and means that anyone reading through your older posts will be redirected to the wrong landing page.

Thankfully, there’s a better solution: Linktree.

This innovative new app lets you quickly create Instagram optimized, mobile-friendly landing pages that link out to multiple landing pages on your website.

Create a Linktree site and add it to the link box in your bio. Then when you post to Instagram, say something along the lines of “click the Linktree in bio” in your posts. The user can then navigate to your Linktree and view the landing page they’re looking for.

This makes your bio link very useful and can save you a ton of time as you no longer have to constantly update the link in your Instagram bio when switching campaigns and posting new content.

Use Instagram highlighted stories to add visuals to your bio

Use story highlights in your Instagram bio

Instagram recently added the ability to add “story highlights” to your Instagram profile.

These highlights appear underneath your Instagram bio box and look the same as any other Instagram story, but instead remain on your profile permanently (instead of disappearing in 24 hours).

You can create these by navigating to your Instagram profile and clicking on the plus button beneath the Story Highlights header. Then, Instagram will show you a log of your past Instagram stories content, and you can select which posts you want to add to your highlights.

You can use story highlights to beef up your Instagram bio and show your followers your best stories content right on your profile. Some interesting ways to use this include tap-through tutorials, compilations of your best work, or even style guides that show off your products.

However you decide to use story highlights though, make sure you’re publishing super high quality content that makes your brand look good to possible customers.

Take advantage of Instagram Business Profile buttons

Using Instagram Business Profile call-to-action buttons

When you convert your Instagram account to an Instagram Business Profile, you get access to cool business features like post analytics, the ability to use third-party scheduling tools, and awesome contact and call-to-action buttons on your Instagram Business Profile.

The phone and email buttons are automatically added to your Instagram bio when you convert to an Instagram Business Profile, but as of a recent Instagram update, you can add a third button of your choice too.

You can do this by navigating to your Instagram profile and clicking the Edit Profile button at the top of the screen. Then, look towards the bottom of the screen and tap the Contact Options button.

In this screen, you can edit your existing phone and email buttons and custom action button. This action button lets you link booking and ticketing systems to your Instagram Business Profile, so you can book new appointments and sell tickets to events right from your profile.

This is especially useful for appointment or reservation based businesses like restaurants and hairdressers. It frees up your bio link and lets Instagram users make a new reservation without having to leave the app.

Be inspired by these Instagram bios

So, you’ve read this far and know how to make an awesome Instagram bio that both looks complete and drives followers—great job!

Now we want to get your creative juices flowing by showing you a few awesome Instagram bios that you can use for inspiration.

Each of these four profiles has a unique take on the Instagram bio, so you’ll have plenty of perspectives to learn and be inspired by—let’s check them out!

La Colombe Coffee — story highlights done right

La Colombe Coffee does Instagram stories highlights right

La Colombe Coffee’s Instagram presence is heavily focused on story highlights. On its Instagram page, you’ll find story highlights that showcase the coffee chain’s different locations, discuss how to make its exclusive drinks, and more.

These story highlights are engaging and give coffee lovers a look inside of La Colombe’s business—in turn, this convinces coffee lovers to check out La Colombe’s cafes.

Design Museum of Chicago — putting your business’ mission first

Design Museum of Chicago puts its mission first

The Design Museum of Chicago keeps its Instagram bio super simple. Instead of spending time writing out a fancy new Instagram bio, it simply uses its business motto: “We inspire, educate, and innovate through design.”

This is great because it shows people what the Design Museum of Chicago is all about in seven easily digestible words. Plus, the brand uses Instagram story highlights to show off its latest exhibitions too, giving its patrons easy access to rotating exhibits.

Bric-A-Brac Records — basic business info

Bric A Brac Records has a great brick-and-mortar bio

Run social media for a brick-and-mortar store? Follow Bric-A-Brac Records’ lead.

This record store puts crucial info—like its address and hours of operation—first on its Instagram profile. This clears up questions on where the shop is located, and undoubtedly helps Bric-A-Brac Records get new customers through the door.

Further, the record store also embraces Linktree and story highlights in its Instagram bio. Interestingly enough, this actually goes hand-in-hand with the address/hours of operation in its written bio: the story highlights and Linktree entice the customer, and the address actually brings them into the store.

Revolution Brewing — putting policy first

Revolution Brewing puts policy first

In the United States, alcohol companies must confirm that all of their followers are of legal drinking age. While this may be an impossible thing to actually verify, many age-restricted companies have resorted to putting an age disclaimer in their Instagram bio to stay in-compliance with this law.

One great example of this is Revolution Brewing. Its Instagram bio opens with an explainer on how Revolution is the largest independent brewery in Chicago, and closes with how you must be 21 to follow.

So, if you run social media for an age-restricted business, follow Revolution’s lead and put an age restriction in your bio too. Not doing this could land your brand in hot water, so check out our guide to marketing in restricted industries for more info.

Bottom line

In this article you learned how to create a stand-out Instagram bio that drives followers. Rewrite your Instagram bio with these tips in mind, and there’s no doubt that you’ll walk away with more followers and traffic to your bio’s single link.

But now it’s your turn: how does your brand use Instagram bios to increase its following? Let us know in the comments—we’re excited to hear from you!

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