Use these types of Instagram content for more engagement

Instagram is undoubtedly one of the most winnable social networks for new marketers 

Just think about it: despite being owned by Facebook, organic reach still exists on the network, so you can build a social presence with nothing more than a little bit of grit (and a lot of super high-quality content).

However, creating content that works on Instagram isn’t nearly as easy as it sounds. Not only do you need to actually make the content, but you need to brainstorm it… and that can often be the hardest part 

So if you’re having trouble brainstorming good Instagram content, you’re in the right place. In this article, we’ll show you 10 types of Instagram content that are both super engaging and converting.

For each of these content types, we’ll discuss why each works and then dive into how you can implement it into your 2019 Instagram strategy. Let’s jump in!

First thing’s first: short-form video content is super engaging 



Did you know that video content gets 38% more engagements than photos on Instagram?

It’s true, and video is actually proven to be the most engaging type of content on Instagram, while also being one of the least used media formats at the same time.

In the end, this means that you have a better chance of getting noticed if you post video content to Instagram. And if you keep what you post super original and high-quality, there’s no doubt that your content will shine above the rest.

Thankfully though, your Instagram video content doesn’t need to be long-form to perform well.

You can post anything from fully edited mini-product tours to quick, uncut office tours. Whatever you do, just make sure the content is interesting and applicable to your audience. 

Tell a story with carousel posts 

 As a social media marketer, you probably already know that you can post mini photo albums to Instagram. 

In these carousel posts, you can have up to six photos (or videos!) in one album, and when posted, your audience members can swipe through the photos and videos in-feed.

 There’s a few awesome things you can do with carousel Instagram posts. One example of this is telling a sequential story with multi-image stories—just post the images in order, and your audience can swipe through to view the story.

When you do this, make sure the first image you use is catchy and shows that it’s the start of a story. Remember, multi-image carousel posts are still viewed in-feed, so you need to catch the user’s eye before they scroll onto the next post.

Another interesting way to use carousel posts is by creating a mini product catalog. Post this, and your audience members can scroll through all of your available products in a specific product line.

User-submitted content creates hype 

 One of the most effective ways to jumpstart engagements on Instagram is through user-generated content… and it’s easy to see why.

 Simply put: people love to seeing their content promoted by companies they follow, so they’ll go out of their way to submit it for reposting on said brand’s social feeds.

 And better yet, running one of these campaigns is surprisingly easy. Just find a theme, create a branded hashtag, and publish an announcement post. In this post, have your followers use your branded hashtag for a chance at being reposted on your feed.

Then, monitor the branded hashtag and repost stand-out content that you know your audience will love. Reposting will create even more excitement around the campaign, and in turn get more people posting.

One of our favorite user-generated content campaigns is Tito’s Vodka’s #VodkaForDogPeople campaign. Here, we see Tito’s fans post photos of their dogs in Tito’s gear, creating an ever-so-cute campaign that’s loved by Tito’s dog-loving fan base.

For even better results, combine your user-generated campaign with a giveaway or sweepstakes. This will get even more people posting, and truly turn your branded hashtag into an engagement machine.

Take your audience behind the scenes  

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I know our socials have been a little quiet this week. We've been busy visiting with the youngest sister that's visiting from Hawaii. ❤️ Loved the perspective on this photo. There is a large opening dividing the back half of our studio (where all of the pouring, packaging, and shipping happens) and the front of the studio (where we have our studio shop). That's the front door there in the distance. When we pour, the whole place smells soooooo good. Don't forget that we now have free US shipping on orders $75 or more. We also have a HUGE discount on our large tin can gift boxes right now. This discount will only be available while quantities last. #highlandbluffstudio #candles #soy #soycandles #studio #candlestudio #coffeelover #studioshop #behindthescenes #handmade #handpoured

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We’ve found that behind the scenes content works super well on Instagram too. Think content that shows your audience what goes on at the office, like office tour videos, photos that show off company culture, and employee spotlights. 

This type of content shows what really goes on at your company, improving your brand image and putting a friendly face to a name. In turn, this will lead to more conversions and more engaging social media posts. 

Lifestyle posts sell a feeling 


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Aluminum suits you. 📷 @thegoldencherry #travelaway

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 As many marketers know, B2C Instagram is about more than just selling a product—it’s about selling a lifestyle, too.  

This is especially true for those in clothing, automotive, consumer technology, and other industries that sell physical products. People want to see these products in action, and not just hosted up on a pedestal in a showroom.

Lifestyle posts allow consumers to envision these products as part of their own lives, inspiring daydream about owning the product. In turn, this drives engagements and sales to the brand selling the product.

One of our favorite examples of lifestyle Instagram posts is from Away Travel. We love its lush imagery that shows the brand’s line of suitcases and backpacks being used in real world travel situations. 

Motivational posts work well for professional services and education  

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A post shared by Gary Vay-Ner-Chuk (@garyvee) on

 Are you marketing to other marketers or business professionals? Try putting a little bit of motivation into your posts.

Long story short, motivational posts are super engaging, especially when your audience is comprised of business owners and anyone else that takes their productivity and professional life seriously.

Take Gary Vaynerchuck for example. His entire following is based around pumping up aspiring business owners and motivating them to take the first step towards entrepreneurship. He’s amassed an Instagram following of 6.1 million people because of this, and each of his posts get thousands of likes and comments.

So, try mixing some motivational content into your business' Instagram marketing too. It doesn’t have to be the sole focus of your Instagram marketing, but the occasional post can help boost your engagement and show that you truly care about your customer’s success.

You can do this through motivational videos, photo captions, and “pep talks” on your Instagram story. Whatever you do though, make sure that your motivational posts come from the heart and sound genuine. 

Host an influencer account takeover


Another great way to increase Instagram engagement is by hosting an influencer Instagram takeover. This is when you partner with a well-known influencer in your industry and have him or her post to your Instagram feed or story for a set amount of time.

Generally, the influencer will announce that they’re hosting said takeover on their own social channels beforehand. This will drive some immediate traffic to your social channels as people will want to see their favorite influencer on your social media.

Plus, some of your influencer’s audience’s trust will be passed along to you. Chances are your influencer’s audience already trusts them greatly, and will trust that you’re a reputable brand if said influencer has agreed to work with your brand.

If you decide to work with an influencer for an account takeover, make sure to spend time picking someone absolutely perfect for the niche.

Need help finding an Instagram influencer to work with? Check out this guide. 

Celebrate Hallmark holidays to keep things lighthearted

Get festive with your Instagram following by celebrating Hallmark holidays with feed and story posts. Think holidays like National Coffee Day, Boss’s Day, Donut Day, and other fun and pop culture influenced holidays.

While these types of posts don’t directly drive business, the posts are lighthearted and will put a friendly face to your name. Plus, if you use holiday hashtags, there’s a good chance you’ll get your account in front of new people who haven’t heard of your brand.

Just make sure that the holiday is somehow relatable to your audience. For example, B2B SaaS companies may want to celebrate National Coffee Day, while dentists will want to promote National Flossing Day (which, yes, is a real holiday).

Experiment with long-from video on IGTV 

 Instagram released its own vertical video YouTube competitor—dubbed IGTV— in June of last year.

Unlike standard Instagram videos, IGTV videos can be up to 10 minutes long and viewed within the standard Instagram app, the standalone IGTV app, or on the web.


 In a push to bring IGTV back to the limelight, Instagram recently gave users the ability to post IGTV previews in their Instagram feeds.

The preview video will look like a standard, in-feed Instagram video but will have a “Watch Full Video” button at the lower left-hand corner of the video.

So, if you decide to embrace IGTV, post all of your video previews to the feed first. This will increase viewership, and in turn let you spread the good word of your brand by way of long-form video content.

We recommend putting a little more time into IGTV videos than standard, in-feed videos though. Focus on creating long-form content that really provides value and sparks a long-term viewing session—this is because people go to IGTV for informative, in-depth video content, not quick clips.  

Bottom Line 

In this article we showed you 10 types of Instagram content that create engagement and increase conversions. Give them a shot, and then track your results with an Instagram analytics tool like Social Report. 

But now we want to hear from you. What types of Instagram content has your brand had the most success with? Let us know in the comments box below! 

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